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Head Road Captain
Rhonda Diercks
Chris Weilock.JPG
Chris "Chuckie" Wielock
Mike Booth.JPG
Steve Krchnavy.JPG
Steve Krchnavy 
Russ Walker.JPG
Bob Burt.JPG
Bob Burt​
Bill Kerr.JPG
Bill McCarrier.JPG
Tom Havekotte.JPG
Todd Havekotte
Rob Peck.JPG
Rob Peck
Greg Haus.JPG
Alan Klacik.JPG
Alan Klacik
Steve Seman.JPG
Duane Eagan.JPG
Duane Eagan
Bill Huwe.JPG

What is a Road Captain?

Road Captains are responsible for planning and executing group rides for the Chapter.  Each ride is mapped out and a "pre-ride" is done to ensure that the route is appropriate for motorcycles and that there will be no unexpected road construction, closures, or other impediments to a successful and enjoyable ride.  There will be a pre-ride meeting 15 minutes before departure of each scheduled ride.  During this meeting, the Road Captain will go over safety information, describe the route, describe the destination, and cover any last minute changes or potential issues.  The purpose of our group rides is to have fun and be safe, and this is the goal of every Road Captain.

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