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NO alcohol or prohibited substances are acceptable prior to or during any Chapter sponsored rides. The ride(s) is considered to be over when the kick-stands are down upon reaching the predetermined destination.
Any person(s) who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or prohibited substances will be asked by the Road Captain not to participate in the organized ride.
A release/waiver form MUST be signed prior to participating in the organized ride. A signed Chapter Membership Enrollment Form & Release is considered to be on file for current Pittsburgh H.O.G. Chapter members.
A parent, step-parent, or legal guardian are the ONLY persons able to sign a release form for minor children. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, any other relative, or friend CAN NOT sign a minor release form.
The Road Captain has the authority to cancel the ride based on weather or unforeseen circumstances. Whenever possible, cancellations will be posted on the Pittsburgh H.O.G. Chapter website and/or members may be notified by e-mail from the Editor.
The most important part of any ride is to get to the destination safely. If you have any concerns you should talk to the Road Captain before the ride begins. Being a novice motorcyclist or having little experience with group riding should also be mentioned to the Road Captain. This is not meant to single you out but rather to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the ride.

Safe and responsible motorcycling activity is a major H.O.G. goal. In this regard:
The consumption and use of Impairing substances is a serious personal responsibility involving the safety and welfare of family, riding friends and the individual H.O.G.® member.
Impairing substance consumption before or during motorcycling activity is not safe responsible behavior. • Any incident occurring during a motorcycling activity as a result of the participant consuming impairing substances results in no insurance coverage.
National H.O.G.® has no direct operational control over Chapter operations. Consumption of impairing substances after a riding activity or at non-riding events is a matter to be decided by the sponsoring Dealership and H.O.G.® Chapter leadership. All such decisions are subject to final review and approval by the sponsoring Dealership.
If the sponsoring Dealer and Chapter decide that impairing substances may be consumed at a Chapter activity, then the recommended approach is either to “Bring Your Own” or to “Buy Your Own” from a vendor licensed and insured to sell the impairing substance.

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